N is for North

View of a dock and lake

North is a direction on the compass, of course, but here in Minnesota it means something else, too. North means Up North, as in “we’re going up North this weekend.” Oftentimes “going up north” means the same thing as going to “the lake.” Funny thing is, “north” and “the lake” don’t mean any particular area, it just means that you are packing up your car and heading north of the city to relax and have some fun.

My family had the fun of heading north last week for a big of vacation time at Woman Lake Lodge. Our friends, Kate and Roger, invited us to share their rental cabin with them. We spent a few days with them last summer, too, and had a great time (even though the weather wasn’t great) so were excited to head up north again. I’d been feeling kinda negative and frustrated with life in the days leading up to going north so really was looking forward to some downtime so that I could reprogram myself into a more positive place, so to speak. I’m happy to say that a few days at the lake really helped me. I think they were good for my family, too. While up north, we read books, played games, went for walks, went on a long pontoon boat ride, kayaked, paddle boated, swam and jumped on a fabulous water jumping trampoline thing. Oh, and we had bonfires and ate well and looked at planets through a telescope. I didn’t wear makeup all week and wore my hair up in a pirate bandana (Kate and Roger informed us when we arrived that it was pirate day – I made it pirate week, I guess). It sounds like a busy time but it wasn’t. The pace of life up north was slow, relaxed and wonderful. I’m so glad we had a chance to get away.

I had planned to blog while I was at the cabin and maybe even write in my journal, too. I told myself “I like writing! Blogging on vacation will be a good thing because it’s so hard to get time to write.” But you know what? I never got around to blogging or writing or even checking my email. And though I do like writing, I think this break from my computer was the best thing ever. Now I do have an A to Z Blogging challenge to finish (my new self-imposed deadline for finishing this is July 16th) and not blogging during vacation means that I’m going to have to blog pretty much every day for the next two weeks. That’s okay, though. I feel refreshed and ready to go!

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