H is for Hugs

Scrabble tiles spelling out Huge Hugs

I’m a hugger. I love to give hugs and to get hugs. Interestingly, I didn’t grow up in a huggy sort of family. Maybe I like hugs because I didn’t grow up in a huggy family and I’ve been craving hugs because of it. Hard to say.

I’ve made a point to hug my kids a lot when they were little and still now that they are 12 and 15. Neither kid is as in to hugging as they were when they were small but I’m determined to keep on hugging them anyway. I’m also determined to hug my parents and brothers more. It’s sometimes a bit awkward to hug my normally non-hugging family members but we’re all getting better at it.

I’ve heard a lot about the health benefits of hugs so, since my blogging time today is short and health is big on my mind (my aunt is still in the hospital), I’m going to direct you to a link on Huffington Post about the health benefits of hugs – 7 Reasons Why We Should Be Giving More Hugs.

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