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Some time ago, I updated my writing website here at www.myrnacgmibus.com using WordPress. My website now has a new look, greater capabilities and a new writing-specific blog – Writing Space.

Why a new blog? Well, I’ve been blogging at my Idyllwild blog (found at www.myrnacgmibus.blogspot.com) since 2010 and, before that, was blogging on a iWeb based blog that I started in 2007. Though I started the blog largely to write about my writing life, over time I realized that my Idyllwild blog was mostly about bicycling and other fun things like flying and baking cheesecakes French macarons. That’s all great fun, of course, but I started to feel the need to create a new blog and keep it focused on writing and let my Idyllwild blog stay on the meandering path it’s already traveling on.

I’ve been somewhat quietly posting content on Writing Space for some time now but am now officially announcing the launch of my new blog! Idyllwild stays alive and well as “a blog that’s mostly about Bicycling but also covers Flying, Baking and just about anything else that’s Fun!” and Writing Space will stay focused on my work as a freelance writer. Writing Space is where I’ll share updates on my writing projects and tell you about what I’m reading. I’ll tell you about other writers and their projects and I may slip in a book review or tell you about a writing event. I may also simply share some of my writing just for fun.

To kick things off, I’m going to start a Blogging from A to Z Challenge. This is a challenge that is just wrapping up and, from what I can tell, about 1,500 people officially participated in the challenge this April. I found out about the challenge several days into it so decided to do the challenge in May. So, starting tomorrow (May 1st), I’ll start blogging my way through the alphabet.

Care to join me? Information about how to blog from A to Z can be found HERE.

Please take a moment to bookmark my Writing Space blog so you can easily find it. Or, better yet, subscribe to Writing Space and receive notifications of new posts right in your email in box. To subscribe, just fill in your email address in the “Subscribe to Writing Space via Email” prompt in the brown footer below.

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