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Yes, it’s already June. Where has the time gone? Where have my A to Z Blogging Challenge posts gone? The answer is simple – I chose to hold off on my blogging challenge to concentrate on family instead.

Without getting into too much detail, my Aunt ended up in the hospital much longer than we had expected and my family has been visiting a lot and managing care and other things for her. She has now moved into a transitional care facility and the plan is to get her back in her home soon.

Though I had planned to finish my A to Z challenge in May, I decided it was way more important to concentrate on helping my family than it was to keep up with a self-imposed blogging schedule. Now that school is done (well, tomorrow is our last day) my job as an educational assistant wraps up for the year and I’ll have more free hours in my day. I will get back to my blogging and other writing projects and I’ll forge ahead with my challenge and will get it done. I promise!

Enough about me. My friend, Selma P. Verde, deserves a shout out because she set out to do the A to Z Blogging Challenge and completed it yesterday! Congratulations Selma!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Selma’s posts. I learned something new in each one – did you know, for instance, that the word yo-yo is derived from the Philippine Ilokano language? Read Y is for Yo-Yo for more information on that one! Not only did Selma educate her readers with her posts, she often worked fiction into her posts as well.

Please head over to Selma P. Verde’s Blog and check her posts out yourself!

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