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I think it’s great fun to see how other writers create their own writing spaces. Earlier today, I read a blog written by my friend, Joy Riggs, in which she shares how she created a new writing space for herself out of her daughter’s former bedroom. Joy goes beyond creating a physical writing space, though, she recognizes that in order to accomplish a writing goal, writing space goes beyond just having a physical space to write.

Here’s a clip from her blog:

“So creating writing space at home is important as I continue to work toward my goal of completing a draft of my book by the end of this calendar year.

This space takes two forms, the space in my calendar, and the space in my house.”

Click HERE to read Creating Writing Space found at Joy’s My Musical Family blog.

Even though I’ve long known that a person needs to make time to accomplish writing goals, I hadn’t thought of making time as making space – but Joy’s way of viewing “writing space” as physical space + calendar space makes perfect sense.

I have a good “writing space” in my lovely home office. I need to work on creating some regular time space in my life to write, though.

What does your physical writing space look like? How do you find time in your calendar for your writing time?

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