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When it comes to writing, I prefer to use fountain pens. I got hooked on using them about 20 years ago when I was attending University of St. Thomas. One of my English professors talked about how important it was to him to use a certain kind of writing instrument in his writing practice and encouraged us to experiment with writing instruments of all sorts –  pens, pencils, fountain pens, roller ball pens, gel ink pens etc.

After some experimenting, I discovered I find it easiest to write with fountain pens. I like the way the ink flows from the pen and glides across the paper. I also discovered that I will write more often when I use a fountain pen and will write for longer periods of time. I write more often because using a fountain pen feels special and is part of my writing habit – I “feel” like a writer when I use fountain pens. I write longer because my hand doesn’t fatigue as quickly when I use a good fountain pen.

I’ve collected about a dozen fountain pens since I started using them and am always on the lookout for a nice new pen. On my recent trip to England, I found another fun one to add to my collection. At a pen shop in Cardiff, I found a fun Dex pen in bright turquoise. It was relatively inexpensive at about $15.00 and used small ink cartridges. I don’t believe I can purchase the Dex cartridges easily here in the U.S. but it appears the pen will take a Waterman or other small cartridge as well. For an inexpensive pen, it writes very well. Good feel in my hand and the ink flows easily.

For fun, I purchased a cute, turquoise pen case as well.

Do you have a favorite sort of writing instrument? Do you find that using a certain pen/pencil helps your writing? Let me know!

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