It’s August now, almost September

Family overlooking Bath, England

It’s August now, almost September, and I have not written a blog post in four months. A lot has happened in this short period of time. My Dad passed away in July and while I am glad he is now at peace the weeks leading up to his death were some of the worst. There’s way more that happened in these past four months that I won’t get into, moments in time that I’d like to forget. Suffice it to say, it appears the most challenging things are behind us now and I am grateful for all of the love and support family and friends have given us during this time.

Even with the tough times, good things have happened, too, and it’s worth focusing on these things. Two of note include:

  1. My husband, Owen, took of on an adventure of a lifetime in early June to participate in a bike race from Canada to Mexico called the Tour Divide. Though I have not been blogging here or at my Idyllwild blog, I stepped in and blogged on Owen’s site – Owen’s Epic Rides. If you want to read about his big bike ride, click HERE to begin reading about his adventure.
  2. In early August, my family headed to England and Wales for a much needed vacation. Midway through the trip, my younger brother, Joel, joined us. In addition to the standard tourist things, highlights of the trip included:
  • spending a day with Owen’s Tour Divide friend, Terry, and his wife, Linda
  • meeting five Gatheridge cousins from Cardiff – Ed, Bob, Richard, Wendy and Elaine as well as Ed’s wife, Desiree
  • visiting with Pam Jackson after not seeing her for twenty years. Pam and her late husband, Bob, were my hosts for a two week visit during a January Term class in 1996.

Now that we’re back home, it’s time to get settled in back and work and get ready for the school year to start. I plan to get back to writing and blogging on a regular basis again. I have some good writing news to share about a story of mine that I wrote some time ago….I promise to post the info soon!

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