X-Ray Follow-up

an X-ray of my foot

I figured I should write a quick post to follow up on my X is for X-Ray post to let you all know what’s going on with my heel pain.

I went to the podiatrist and have the official diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis and Peroneal Tendon Injury in my left foot. The bone spur I have in my left heel has likely been growing for several years but probably isn’t contributing much to my heel pain. That said, I’ve been stretching that foot a lot and may have been irritating the tissue around the spur which would contribute to the pain. It’s likely that the root of the pain came from clipping in and out of my bike pedals so I have loosened the tension on my pedals a lot so that clipping in/out is much easier to do. Other than that, I’ve had a tendency to carry my left shoulder higher than my right. I’m not doing that so much now but that might have also caused me to be off balance and put undue pressure on my left side.

So, what am I to do? Rest. Ice. Stretches. Wear good shoes. Biking is a fine form of exercise. Yay! In addition to what the doctor ordered, I’m stepping up healing with other care therapies to give myself a better chance of getting back on my feet.

I work with a wonderful bodywork person, Shari Setchell of Body Eclectic and have found that she can actually make my pain go away when she does work on the muscles in my leg so I’m seeing her every week or two weeks for awhile. She is also helping me figure out how to keep my body in balance so that I don’t keep having pain. I decided to get back to my chiropractor and have her make sure my back is aligned properly just in case alignment issues have been contributing. My spine was a bit out of whack so am glad I got back in there. I also see an acupuncturist so am having her do both needle work and muscle work on my left foot and leg when I’m in for my regular appointment.

The pain in my left heel is not gone but things have improved a lot. I’m optimistic that my heel will heal 🙂


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