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Writing Space Reboot was originally published on on September 16, 2014 at my Idyllwild blog which can be found at www.myrnacgmibus.blogspot.com

Last November, I traded my large office for my son’s small bedroom so that Ryan could have space for a full-size bed. I had great hopes for my new office – but even though I did my best to arrange my desk and bookshelves just so, my new office space never felt quite right.

There were little things that bugged me about the space, like the fact that my desk and bookshelves blocked most of my electrical outlets, but there were big issues, too, like the lighting. The space is small enough that no matter where I put my desk it’s right under the ceiling light. I found the glare irritating and, to top it off, I ended up getting migraines when I worked. I really have never had migraines and didn’t get them in my old office so the headaches were a very odd thing.

On top of the headaches, I found that I was struggling with my writing and felt like I couldn’t organize my thoughts or edit my work without a lot of help from Owen. I also pretty much lost enthusiasm for writing and wasn’t able to finish most of the stories I started. I guess that sounds like some sort of writer’s block. Whatever you call it, it sure wasn’t fun.

At the time I moved into my new office, I was also struggling with a lot of life things (an unhealthy job situation that resulted in my resignation topped the list) and I’m pretty sure that those issues contributed to the space not feeling right, the headaches, and my writing troubles.

My gut instinct was that I just needed to move things around to make my office space more comfortable – a writing space reboot of sorts – and I’d feel better in my writing space. But I never got around to doing it. Maybe I just wasn’t ready. Maybe my job and life issues had to stabilize. Who knows? What I do know is that yesterday I was ready to make a change and when I got home from work just after noon I started rearranging my office with the goal of creating a more comfortable writing-friendly arrangement.

Moving everything took me a couple of hours and in the process I discovered I have a whole bunch of stuff in my office that just isn’t necessary. For example, I have a cool wooden box filled with several three-ring binders but I really don’t know what’s in any of the binders or why I saved them. Geez, maybe the clutter has been part of why I’ve felt so disorganized in my writing. Seems logical to me. So I tossed some things and generally organized the rest of the stuff so that my office is generally tidy and clutter free.

There’s still some boxes to go through, some things to put away and a bunch of stuff to toss and recycle but I have an writing space that feels fresh and new. I am pretty sure that I will need to get rid of the overhead light and get myself a floor lamp to help with the glare. I sure hope that helps my headaches! I also have a quilted wallhanging to hang behind my desk and pictures to hang on the walls. For now, though, I’m going to give this new arrangement a try and see how it works.

Here’s hoping the space feels better. If not, well, I can always do another writing space reboot.

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