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Oh my! We’re well into 2022 but I haven’t posted about my Writing and Reading Goals for 2022. I set writing goals back at a writing retreat in February (led by my wonderful friend, writing mentor and coach, Kate Hopper) and I got to work on them. But I didn’t formally announce what they are and, oh this is embarrassing, I kind of forgot about one of them so fell behind with it (more on that in a bit).

Well, I’m making my goals formal now and here they are!


  • Submit my essays and other writing work 40 times
  • Blog once per month – 12 blog posts in 2022

Last year my submissions goal was 50 and I found it doable but a whole lot of work so decided to set my goal to 40 this year. As of today, I have already submitted 16 times. Of the 16 things I’ve sent out so far this year, I’ve had one essay published and one that will be published soon.

And – oh this is exciting! – I applied to attend a week-long writing seminar in Ireland and was accepted! In late July, I’ll be heading to Dingle, Ireland to attend a writing seminar through Bay Path University. There will be about 30 students (two of them are my writing friends, Heidi Fettig Parton and Ann Klotz) and a bunch of great instructors including one of my favorite writers, Ann Hood! I’m so excited!

As for my blogging goal, um, well, this is the goal I forgot about so I’m behind on it already. Oh well. I decided to reframe the goal and say that I will blog a total of 12 times this year. I would like to blog more than a dozen times and make more of an effort to post my book reviews. I’ll work on doing that and see where it takes me. Should I set an actual number of book review blog posts goal? Hmmm, not today. I think the submitting 40 and blogging a dozen is going to keep me busy enough.


Last year I read 40 books. I counted cookbooks and some children’s picture books in this number. This year I set my goal to 35 books and don’t plan to count cookbooks and picture books in the total. I’m 11 books in thus far. It’s a good start.

Do you have any Writing or Reading Goals for 2022?

I’d love to hear what they are! Feel free to post a comment. While you are at it, be sure to sign up to subscribe to my posts and receive them via email. The subscription link is in the turquoise box at the bottom of this page.

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