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Time. I never seem to have enough of it and I tend to way underestimate how much time it will take for me to do tasks. Today, for instance, it took me about 40 minutes longer than I planned to fill out my form for my flight physical. I ended up rushing to get out the door on time.

On time. I not an “on time” sort of person. I tend to be a just on time or a 5 minute late sort of person. I need to work on that.

I know that we all have the same amount of time in a day and we make choices on how we use our time. I keep wanting more time to read but realize I would have the time to read if I wasn’t on Facebook as much as I am. Hmmm. Guess I could change that up a bit. I’m not a person who watches TV so I free up a lot of time that way. But I still find it’s hard to find time enough to exercise or even stretch for a few minutes a day. It also seems like essential daily tasks like dishes, laundry, house upkeep, take up too much of my time and leave little time for fun.

I can give some things up and combine activities to help manage my time but there are some constraints on our time that we have almost no control over. In the last week, for instance, we had our washing machine break (it’s on our second floor so a broken washing machine means water coming through our kitchen ceiling) and Owen’s car battery died. It took hours to fix the washing machine. Those were hours we couldn’t spend on other household projects or on just having fun. Getting the car fixed was a similar situation. Owen and I had time blocked out on our calendar to go out on a date. Instead, I ended up driving to Burnsville to see if I could jump Owen’s car (no go) and then drove him to a car parts store to buy a new battery, helped him put the new one in then drove the old battery back to the store to get the core charge refunded. Whew! That was two hours spent with Owen (yay!) but certainly not two hours spent relaxing over a glass of wine. I’m grateful I have a washing machine and car to fix, of course, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I wish things would keep working and often I wish I had fewer things to maintain.

Sometimes, even though I think it’s essential for me to do this A to Z Blogging thing, I resent the amount of time I need to spend on my blog. Humph. Well then. I guess it makes sense to be short with this blog entry and spend my time in a different way. Like I’d actually like to talk to Owen today. We haven’t had a chance to check in with each other today. It’s time to do that now!

What do you really want to be doing right now but don’t feel you have time for? Maybe you should get off the computer and make time to do that thing you want to do!

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