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As I type this post, my older brother, Don, is on a plane headed for Poznań, Poland. I know about the country of Poland, of course, but hadn’t heard of Poznań before my brother told me he planned to spend a month near there. Have you heard of Poznań?

Well, Poznań (according to Wikipedia) is the fifth largest city in Poland and home to about 550,000 people. There are well over a million inhabitants when you include the metropolitan around Poznan. The city is located in the western Poland on the Warta River and was first referenced in documents in 1005AD. Read more about Poznań HERE and HERE.

But why is Don headed to Poznan instead of, say, the more commonly known city of Warsaw? Well, Donnie is going to be volunteering his time and talents at Camp Eden, a camp near Poznań run by an organization called Polish Evangelical Missions (PEM).

Donnie is good at helping people and fixing things and he loves to travel. He’s volunteered in other missionary settings before, both in the U.S. and abroad, but hasn’t been overseas for awhile and was itching to go again. Since he’s a single guy and has summers off from his job driving bus at the U of M, he’s in a perfect position to leave home for a month or so to travel across the world to do some exploring and help others. So Don somehow connected himself to PEM, made some arrangements, booked a flight and is now on his way to Poland.

I am proud of my big brother. He’s traveled all over the world and a lot of his travel adventures have been volunteering his time to help people. Though he works in a missionary-type role a lot of the time he doesn’t end up getting a lot of monetary support so funds his mission trips himself. He’s always up for a grand adventure – once he flew to Hawaii and purchased a cheap bicycle from Goodwill then cycled around the island. He’s not exactly a bicyclist but off he went. He doesn’t need an itinerary or a concrete plan. He doesn’t speak more than a few words of any other language but he manages in foreign countries. Don just sets off and explores. I think that’s a good way to approach adventure!

Have a great time in Poland, Donnie! Be safe and have fun. We love you!

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