Book Review: Love & Saffron

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I love a good book about friendships. I love books about food. And books that give me a glimpse of history. And books about love. So it’s no surprise that I absolutely adore the wonderful new novel, Love & Saffron by Kim Fay.

This book came out in February of this year and was my Staff Pick at Content Bookstore in early March. The novel is one of my new favorites. It’s so good! Love & Saffron reads similarly to another must-read story told in letters, the memoir 84, Charing Cross Road. If you liked that book (or the movie starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins), you are sure to love Love & Saffron!

Here is my mini book review of LOVE & SAFFRON by Kim Fay

LOVE & SAFFRON is a story told in letters that is short enough to gobble up in an afternoon, but written so beautifully that you will want to savor it so you don’t miss a bit.

LOVE & SAFFRON is a story of two women of different ages and backgrounds who connect through writing letters—first about food but then, as their friendship grows, about matters of life and love. I have so much hope knowing how far we’ve come, both with love and with food, since the 60s when this book is set. In less than 200 pages, author Kim Fay had me so completely immersed in the story of Joan and Imogen that it felt like I was one of their friends laughing, hurting, loving, and enjoying food right alongside them!

Brew a cuppa or pour yourself a glass of wine (or two) and settle in for a lovely book about friendship and food that you will never forget.

Oh yes, a quick note, if you plan to read LOVE & SAFFRON, be sure to have tissues handy. This book may very well make you shed a few tears. Planning a road trip? You can listen to the audio version of the book through (Though maybe don’t listen if you are driving – because of the potential crying I just mentioned).

Brew up a cuppa and enjoy Love & Saffron. Or consider one of my other favorites! Try World of Wonders or Miss Benson’s Beetle.

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