Book Review: London’s Number One Dog-Walking Agency

a yellow and blue book titled London's Number One Dog Walking Agency: A Memoir by Kate MAcDougall sits on a white bookshelf surrounded by other memoirs

2021 was a good year for me for reading books. I read more books than in years past, which was quite nice. Soon I’ll be writing up my Books Read of 2021 blog post but since I don’t have that done quite yet, I will share a review of one of my favorite books of 2021:

London’s Number One Dog-Walking Agency: A Memoir by Kate MacDougall.

This past spring, I spent several hours on my front porch reading London’s Number One Dog-Walking Agency with my dog, Rocket, at my feet. I sure loved the book and I do think Rocket approved of it, too! Rocket even posted a picture of himself and the book on his Instagram feed. (Okay, perhaps I’m the one who posted the picture for Rocket but I know the post and book were Rocket approved!)

A Border Terrier lying on his dog bed on a blue couch snuggled up with a blue blanket. Sitting next to him is a book titled London's Number One Dog Walking Agency: A Memoir by Kate MacDougall
Here’s Rocket with one of his favorite books – London’s Number One Dog-Walking Agency

If I enjoy a book (which I pretty much always do because I am not willing to finish a book if I’m not loving it), I post a review on a website for booksellers. I also write up a shortened version of this review as a “shelf talker” to display at the bookstore where I work. And sometimes I share my book reviews with you!

Here is my mini book review:

London’s Number One Dog-Walking Agency is one of the most enjoyable memoirs I’ve ever read.

A must read if you are a dog lover – but you will like it even if you are not because there is so much to love in here: It’s funny, sweet and, at times, sad. The story is filled with a cast of quirky human and canine characters. Reading the book made me feel better about life and this world we live in.

Kate has a good job at a swanky antiques dealer – a career-track job her mother approves of – but she’s rather clumsy (not a great match when handling pricess heirlooms) and bored, so she quits her job to start a dog walking agency. Never mind that she doesn’t have much dog experience, Kate has heart! (and a need to pay her bills) so she gets to work building a successful dog walking agency. Along the way, she learns a lot about dogs and people, gets a dog of her own and starts a family (much to the delight of her mother – who is quite the character in this book).

There are many laugh out loud moments in this book – including an early marketing campaign turns out to be an uproariously funny flop.

I do hope you get a chance to read this fun memoir. London’s Number One Dog-Walking Agency is currently available in hardcover but you can preorder the paperback which is due out in early June.

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