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52 Lists for Happiness book

You may recall that I did a 30 Days of Writing challenge last March and also did one back in 2012. Well, guess what? I’m doing another 30 Days of Writing challenge and about a dozen other writers are joining me!

The basic deal is this – write a bit every day for 30 days. I’m not here to tell you what to write or how much to write. Make your own rules for your own 30 Day challenge – You might want to commit to writing writing a certain number of words per day, or a certain amount of time per day, or fill a certain number of pages. Do whatever sounds good to you.
My personal goal when I do this challenge is to write longhand and to fill at least a page of my journal. Ideally, I fill three pages of my journal and write for about 15 minutes. That said, I know I’ve written less than a page in the past just so I could say I wrote something.  And, yes, I’ve missed days in the past when I’ve done 30 Days of Writing. It’s okay!
We started the challenge on November 1st but it’s not too late to join in, if you’d like to! 

From time to time, I may post a writing prompt to help us along. For Day 1, I pulled a prompt from a nice little book I found at Content Bookstore52 Lists for Happiness. Though the book is intended to be a weekly journal with a prompt for each week of the year, I plan to work through the 52 prompts more quickly than that. 

Here’s the prompt I sent out to our 30 Days of Writing group for Day 1: 

“List what makes you happy right now”
That’s it. Write a list of what makes you happy.
I realize this is not “writing” in the convention sense of the word – it’s making a list. But list writing (I’m not including to-do lists in this example!) can work like brainstorming to get ideas going through your head. Maybe you’ll find something on your list that you want to write more about tomorrow…
Do you want to join in on the 30 Days of Writing challenge? Comment below or email me at my Contact Myrna link
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